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Registered General Nurse (RGN) Nights


Staff nurse has responsibilities for supporting the Registered Manager and to work within the multi-disciplinary team. The focus of the role is providing delivery of excellence in quality care provision. The post holder will be expected to regularly take charge of the shift managing the care delivery, and to actively participate in decision making.

To provide wakeful night cover over 38.5 hours per week.


  1. Professional

1.1     To assist and supervise care staff to enable them to understand and develop their own role.

1.2     To be able to act in all emergency procedures using the appropriate equipment correctly, for example in the event of a cardiac arrest or fire evacuation. Attend annual fire training.

1.3     To attend mandatory manual handling training sessions, incorporating this knowledge into everyday practice, and supervise the safe practice of others.

1.4     To assist in the induction program of new staff under the direction of the Clinical Lead Nurse and the Registered Manager.

1.5     To participate in meetings as needed.

1.6     To promote the aims and ideals of the nursing home.

1.7     To monitor the contents and quality of record keeping.

1.8     Completion of a drug assessment.

1.9    To comply with all policies and procedures and all information laid down in the staff handbook.

  • Management

2.1     Assist in ensuring clinical audit becomes part of everyday practice.

2.2     To regularly act as the shift co-ordinator and manage the nursing team.

2.3     To report complaints to the Registered Manager and the Directors.

2.4     To develop and understand current issues in elderly care.

2.5     To promote harmonious relationships within the nursing home.

2.6     To adhere to the NMC code of conduct.

2.7     Ensure patient records are up to date and accurate.

2.8     Ensure staff have a detailed handover at the start and finish of each shift.

  • Training and development

3.1     Maintaining and improving one’s own professional knowledge and competence.

3.2     Attend all training.

3.3     Participate in the induction programme.

3.4     To contribute to the development of the care staff.

3.5     To actively maintain the Mede-Care and Emar records, ensuring that all care plans are current and monitored for change.

  • Research

4.1     To participate in audit within the nursing home and encourage others to participate also.

4.2     To implement findings of evidence-based practice, once discussed with the Registered Manager.

4.3     To be familiar with current areas of research and development within elderly care.

  • Clinical

5.1     To effectively manage the provision of the highest possible standards of physical and psychological nursing care for the residents and their relatives, ensuring that dignity is maintained.

5.2     To involve all residents’ and their relatives’ in all aspects of their care and lives here at Birtley House.

5.3     To participate in transfers to hospital as needed.

5.4     To maintain a safe and pleasant environment.

5.5     To provide advice to colleagues

5.6     To report any relevant information to the Registered Manager and Directors in a timely manner.

5.7     To create care plans for new residents and maintain accuracy but updating them as required, acting as the assigned ‘named nurse’ to a group of residents.

5.8     Where required, to be involved in activities of daily living as well as social activities, in order to improve the quality of life for the residents.

5.9     To take responsibility for the administration of medication.

5.10   To promote good infection control standards and procedures.

5.11   To provide comprehensive and informative handovers to the next shift.

6.0   Health & Safety

6.1     It is your responsibility to read all the company’s Policies and Procedures.

6.2     It is your responsibility to report any hazards or accidents to the Registered Manager immediately.

This job description is current and subject to a yearly review in consultation with the job holder, usually during appraisal.

The job description reflects the culture and core values of Birtley House which actively promote team spirit and the aims to “be the best”.