20 April 2016

Why buy Birtley Charcoal?

Why buy Birtley Charcoal?

We have all seen charcoal for sale on every garage forecourt, it's cheap so why would you not buy that and buy Birtley's instead?... What many people may not know is that this charcoal is often made in third world countries and is contributing towards woodland fragmentation, destroying wildlife and biodiversity.

The charcoal we produce is sustainable, cheaper, cleaner, economically sound and its' production does not interfere with wildlife, forests and the environment.  It is easy to light, ready to cook with quickly, can be topped up as you cook, produces very little ash, weighs less than equivalent products for the same heat output, contributes to sustaining local woodlands and is not transported around the globe.

Bags of charcoal are available in the Entrance Hall, please give money to Reception




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