18 December 2015

Waverley Cares Film Premier

Waverley Cares Film Premier

Ever pro-active in the care arena, earlier this year Waverley Borough Council commissioned a film earlier this year which would focus on care in all itforms, across the Borough. Not to be out-done by the Star Wars UK Premier, 'Waverley Cares' also had its premier on 17th December.

The Premier wasn't perhaps as grand as that held for Star Wars, however it was ever-bit as special and eagerly awaited. The scale and variety of care-related projects across Waverley is staggering.

Birtley featured strongly in the short film - an interview with Rudo Rumveye (Clinical Lead), in addition to her heartfelt thoughts on what makes 'good care'; the Golden Years festival held in parkland in September; an interview with Simon Whalley and volunteers from Voluntary Action in South West Surrey gaining new skills by helping to clear the Birtley woodland of undergrowth.

Once the film has been made available on the Waverley website, this blog entry will be updated with a link to the film.  

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