06 April 2017

Spring Poem - written by Residents during morning Activities...

Spring Poem - written by Residents during morning Activities...

Springtime at Birtley


Springtime at Birtley with birdsong at dawn,

and House martins return to where they were born,

Rainbows of colours appear overnight,

as carpets of bulbs create a beautiful sight.


The sun shines bright in a cloudless sky,

on a beautiful April day,

As ewes watch over their frisky lambs,

as they gamble and frolic away.


Morning dew and a shimmering lake,

home to the golden carp,

Ducks nest, and geese gaggle,

waking us all up sharp.


Hay fever season upon us,

pink and white blossom wafts in the breeze,

With the scent of freshly mown grass,

the pollen makes us sneeze.


Bright green weeping willow, and the old Birtley oak,

A pond full of toads and frogs,

you may even hear them croak!


The waterfall creates calm and peace, as steadily it flows,

Liberty cow stands on the lawn, watching who comes and goes.


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