04 February 2016

Spring: a poem by three Residents

Spring: a poem by three Residents

Written in January by Birtley Residents, Mary Mirecki, Iris Newton and Pat Scrase, the following poem captures the very essence of spring in the countryside.


A peaceful new day, with vibrant blue sky

I listen intently to birds chirp and cry


Many buds now bloom into life

Finally giving up the winter strife


The air is fresh, with a gentle breeze

Aeroplanes leave white trails with great ease


The trees branch out, with new leaves shiny green

And sweet smelling blossom, the best I’ve seen


The lambs hop and skip in fields of green grass

Whilst the odd clouds above arrive and then pass


We are now so thankful that spring is here

And we embrace this season with jolly good cheer! 

16 August 2018
Cooking as Holistic Therapy
Cooking as Holistic Therapy

It's the little things in life...

15 August 2018
Caribbean Themed Dinner
Caribbean Themed Dinner

Birtley House know how to throw a dinner party...

01 August 2018
An "Arty" afternoon
An 'Arty' afternoon

A theraputic afternoon of arts, crafts and colouring...


26 July 2018
Caring Coffee 'Chit-Chat'
Caring Coffee 'Chit-Chat'

Coffee, cake and chatter with friends...

16 July 2018
Happy Birthday NHS

Care services here at Birtley date back further than the NHS 70 years...

22 June 2018
Mama Buba Bump at Birtley House
Mama Buba Bump at Birtley House

Fun in the sun for a teddy bears picnic. 


21 June 2018
Our Strawberry Tea in the Rose Garden
Our Strawberry Tea in the Rose Garden

Drink me...

18 June 2018
Longacre School Chamber Choir visit to Birtley House
Longacre School Chamber Choir
13 June 2018
Stone Carving
Stone Carving with Simon Keeley

Giving stone carving a go at Birtley House

12 June 2018
Let's care for volunteer carers in Surrey
Let's care for volunteer carers in Surrey

This week (11 – 17 June) is Carers Week – an annual campaign that seeks to raise awareness of those who volunteer their time to care for others on an unpaid basis, highlight some of the challenges they face and recognise the contribution they make to society.

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