02 September 2013

Q: When is a Nursing Home not just a Nursing Home?

A: When it’s Birtley House!

Providing excellent care and a great quality of life to all of our residents in the nursing home is the very heart of our business. However at Birtley House we are developing many activities which you would not normally associate with a Nursing Home. These activities provide our residents with a lively source of interest and involvement in the local community all of which helps to make Birtley House such a vibrant place to live.

Activities in Surrey Parkland and the Birtley House Grounds

The activities range from holding major events in the grounds and parkland such as an annual Sculpture Garden Exhibition; the Surrey Hills Wood Fair; a Rare Plants Fair and a Surrey Arts celebratory event for older people. We are actively into small-holder farming, raising pigs in our woodland and geese in the orchard and going into production of firewood, charcoal and our latest venture - Birtley Cider!

This is the first post in our new Birtley blog which will serve to keep you up to date with the vast range of activities here – both within and outside the home. Please bookmark the page and visit the blog on a regular basis for the latest news.

Janet Hall 

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