13 October 2015

Mobile Sensory Bus visits Birtley

Mobile Sensory Bus visits Birtley

Many thanks to Tony Green, from Sight for Surrey, who brought the Surrey Mobile Hearing and Sight support bus to Birtley. This new service is run in partnership with deaf services provider FirstPoint CIC and is funded by Surrey County Council.The vehicle, complete with a wheelchair access lift, had an amazing array of specialist equipment to help those with hearing and sight impairment maintain their independence.

Items ranged from Braille Playing and UNO cards, talking clocks and watches, to gadgets which help to maintain independence by improving the safety of normal daily activities e.g filling a coffee cup.

In addition, he offered to service/repair any NHS hearing aids and as a result helped four of our Residents with their hearing aids. The Residents were delighted with the results and we'll look forward to welcoming Tony and the bus back to Birtley once again in the future.   

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