28 October 2014

Logs & Pumpkins for sale!

The vast crop of pumpkins and squash produced in the Birtley gardens are for sale, along with logs from the woodland.  There is a price list in the hallway for all of the different types of pumpkin/squash available and the logs are £5.00 per bag containing a good mixture of seasoned Birch Chestnut and Oak.

Within the garden, the leaves are showing their spectacular autumn colours and over the next few months the garden team will be trying to keep the falling leaves under control.  They will also be scarifying the lawns and tidying beds and borders that are dying back for winter, along with planting some new plum trees and creating a new strawberry bed in the kitchen garden.

The majority of the cider apples have been pressed and the team developed a very efficient process of getting the apples from stored crates to vatted juice. There are now 1200 litres happily fermenting away...




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