01 March 2016

Goose Eggs for sale!

Goose Eggs for sale!

Goose eggs are on sale in Reception, currently priced at £1.00, but the next batch will be £1.50 each. Each egg is marked with the date that it was laid. 

The eggs can be covered and stored in the fridge for up to 3 weeks and they can be frozen as well if necessary.  Break open the eggs, discard the shells and place in freezer bags, one or two per bag. However, do bear in mind that frozen eggs don't have much taste.

Decorating Goose Eggs for Easter is particularly satisfying as they are such a good size.  The egg needs to be 'blown' by poking a pin hole in both ends and blowing the raw egg content out into a bowl. The shell can then be rinsed, dried & decorated.

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