16 September 2014

Gearing up for the Surrey Hills WoodFair

There are distinct signs & smells of Autumn in the gardens, but due to the high temperatures during the day, the lawns are still growing, so the mowing is set to continue for another few weeks.

We are getting the gardens ready for the annual Surrey Hills WoodFair Event on 4/5th October, so there is plenty of work to keep us going.  Large crops of raspberries and plums are still being picked and tomatoes continue to ripen, although the season is coming to an end.  Pumpkins and squash are ripening nicely in the late summer sun and will soon be ready for harvest.  The garden orchard has barely filled one box with apples this year, compared to the bumper crop that we had in 2013.  However, the cider orchard is into its second major cropping year and will soon be picked and stored, ready for pressing in a few weeks time. Windfalls are being collected and any good enough are being stored, while the rest go to supplement the pigs diet.

The yew hedges have been cut and taken away for processing, we collected about 60 bags this year.  

                                                              Pumpkins & Squash will soon be ready for harvesting...

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