24 February 2014

February Gardening Update at Birtley

With a slight lull in the weather this week we managed to get on with a few things that needed doing. Although ground conditions were not ideal we finished mulching the top end of the long walk in preparation for planting up in the spring. Despite rubber mats and boards being used on the wetter areas, some of the grass will need a bit of attention before the spring, damaged by constant wheelbarrows running across it.

All the roses have now been pruned and we started work on pruning the wisteria around the house. The original base of the plant has been long lost and there is a mass of layered, twisted branches from one end of the west wing to the other. We have taken this opportunity to reduce some of the bulk that has accumulated and remove a lot of the deadwood. This has freed up a lot of lost bed space and let in more light to the ground floor rooms.

We also took the break in the rain to get some mowing done on the areas where ground conditions allowed. No real extreme cold weather this winter has meant grass has continued to grow and with the amount of moisture in the soil, any warmth will make the grass grow incredibly fast. If we don’t get an early cut done now we’ll spent most of the spring trying to catch up so therefore we’re taking every chance we can to control it now.

Matt Miller

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