31 January 2014

Gardening in the rain!

The continuing wet and unsettled weather has meant a slow week in the garden, waterlogged lawns making it impossible to do any work on the beds without causing lasting damage to the grass. We have completed the re-shaping of the old raspberry beds and have begun planting them up with cut flowers. These have been removed from the old raised beds which we are dismantling in the hope of completely re-designing the end of the vegetable garden. Grass edging has continued where weather and ground conditions have allowed. The lack of any severe cold weather has meant grass hasn’t stopped growing, although any thoughts of mowing are well at the back of our minds!

In the woodland, the dead hedge has continued to grow in the area of the woods we are coppicing and the ancient hazel stools have been cut to get them back into a managed coppice rotation.


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