29 May 2014

Garden news and Pigs in the Orchard

Some very welcome warm spring weather has meant things have really started to take off in the garden with the beds and borders filling in nicely with the new growth. The empty beds in the Long Walk have finally had the first stage of planting done with a mixture of perennials and annuals. The weed problem has finally been eradicated. 

The woodland garden opposite the lodge has been thoroughly weeded to get rid of the thousands of sycamore seedlings that are springing up all over the place. 

In the kitchen garden the tomatoes and broad beans are romping away, soaking up all the warm sunshine and the seedlings of squash, courgettes, kale amongst others will soon be planted out.

We have purchased a new pond pump so we will be able to get the waterfall working again very soon.

Our early trials of having the pigs deal with our Marestail problem in the wild flower border was unsuccessful as they managed to escape and wander around the gardens! Some stronger defences have been put up and the piglets are now back adjacent to the orchard for the residents and visitors to see.

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