14 May 2014

Birtley Charcoal for Sale

We have all seen charcoal for sale on every garage forecourt - it’s cheap and it does the job, why would I buy Birtley's charcoal? 

What many of you might not know is that this charcoal is often made in third world countries and is contributing towards Woodland fragmentation, destroying wildlife and biodiversity. The land being used is completely depleted of any resources and the entire process is becoming completely unsustainable.

Those that make charcoal have known this for a very long time and the charcoal that we often buy is sat on a ship or in a container for months picking up moisture on its way to our garage forecourts. Due to this moisture, after you have bought the charcoal you then have a second outlay which is to buy firelighters!

These are some the benefits of Traditional English Lumpwood Charcoal: 

  • Easy to light
  • Ready to cook with quickly
  • Can be topped up as you cook
  • Produces very little ash
  • Weighs less than equivalent products for the same amount of heat output 
  • Contributes to sustaining local woodlands, local skills and local trade 
  • It is not transported around the globe

You literally put a lighter to the entire bag and within 20 minutes your BBQ is well on the way. 

This is sustainable, cheaper, cleaner, economically sound and putting the message out into the world that If we are going to use a product then it should not be detrimental to the wildlife, forests and land that we all care so much about in order for us to have a burnt sausage on a rainy Bank Holiday.

SO? Why not grab yourself a bargain, a bagful of black beautiful easy to use ecofriendly Birtley charcoal - ONLY £6 per 6kg bag 

Further enquiries: Theo@birtleyhouse.co.uk

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