03 September 2015

Birtley Carers participating in a Research Project

The RIPE Project (Researching Interventions that Promote Ethics in Social care) is being run by the University of Surrey. The aim of the project is to evaluate different approaches to ethics education with staff working in residential care homes for older people. Care Homes involved in the project are assigned to one of three type of 'intervention group' or to a control group.  

It was very exciting to find that Birtley carers will participate in an experimental learning session which has been developed and previously delivered in Belgium. This is the first time the simulation (Intervention Group 3) has been run in the UK. Our carers will each play the role of a care home resident in a specially designed Simulation Centre at the University. They have each decided on a 'Patient Profile' e.g. they may be a combination of immobile, blind, deaf etc and have to act in character throughout their weekend at the simulation centre, apart from midnight to 6am on the Sunday morning.

The session will include discussion groups facilitated by an ethics expert. They will be invited to reflect on their own ethical practice pre and post the simulation, through completing questionnaires and by interview. All data collected will be made anonymous and so no-one will be able to recognise our staff when the findings are analysed and reported.   

Our eight participants will be divided into groups of two and will attend the simulation weekends along with carers from other care homes involved in the study, with the first group going on 19th September.

Best of luck to the following carers participating in the simulation: Michaela Pollard, Rad Ciba, Dorothy Boloz, Karolina Poznaska, Michael McDougall, Sarah Mills, Rosa Dollerson and Melinda Chikanya


16 August 2018
Cooking as Holistic Therapy
Cooking as Holistic Therapy

It's the little things in life...

15 August 2018
Caribbean Themed Dinner
Caribbean Themed Dinner

Birtley House know how to throw a dinner party...

01 August 2018
An "Arty" afternoon
An 'Arty' afternoon

A theraputic afternoon of arts, crafts and colouring...


26 July 2018
Caring Coffee 'Chit-Chat'
Caring Coffee 'Chit-Chat'

Coffee, cake and chatter with friends...

16 July 2018
Happy Birthday NHS

Care services here at Birtley date back further than the NHS 70 years...

22 June 2018
Mama Buba Bump at Birtley House
Mama Buba Bump at Birtley House

Fun in the sun for a teddy bears picnic. 


21 June 2018
Our Strawberry Tea in the Rose Garden
Our Strawberry Tea in the Rose Garden

Drink me...

18 June 2018
Longacre School Chamber Choir visit to Birtley House
Longacre School Chamber Choir
13 June 2018
Stone Carving
Stone Carving with Simon Keeley

Giving stone carving a go at Birtley House

12 June 2018
Let's care for volunteer carers in Surrey
Let's care for volunteer carers in Surrey

This week (11 – 17 June) is Carers Week – an annual campaign that seeks to raise awareness of those who volunteer their time to care for others on an unpaid basis, highlight some of the challenges they face and recognise the contribution they make to society.

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